CUA Rapid Response Team Effective on the Use of Mesh in Pelvic Surgery

Disapproval of CMA Resolution 105-12


As some of you likely know by now, the CMA did not support this resolution.  The House Of Delegates stated the following:

News from the CMA House of Delegates Meeting Held Oct. 13-15, 2012


Reason(s) for Recommendation:

A. Clinical decision making should be left to physicians and their patients with an informed consent discussion about the risks and benefits.

B. There is evidence that indicates appropriate use of vaginal mesh in certain clinical settings.


Dear Members and Non-Members,

As you can see from the above statements at the CMA House of Delegates meeting this past week, organized urology was victorious in defeating CMA Resolution 105-12 on the use of mesh in pelvic surgery.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who did your own thing to reach out and oppose Resolution 105-12 based on the email the CUA sent to you on October 4. In the critical days that followed, the CUA was able to execute its Rapid Response Network and reach out from the national level to the local level tapping academic, large group, small group practices, as well as industry partners, and organized urology (AUA, AACU, ACOG, SUFU, AUGS). There were even patients who sent letters.

Attached you will find a link to a letter put out by the CUA and other groups that illustrate my point.

Click here to read the CUA letter to CMA

Click here to read the AACU letter to CMA

Click here to read the SUFU letter to CMA

A special thank you to CUA members Drs. Demetrios Somopoulis and Vito Imbasciani who testified, not only on behalf of the CUA, but all of urology. I am honored to call them my colleagues and friends. As well, Dr. Jeffrey Kaufman, whose wealth of experience and instinct, helped us mobilize and prioritize.

This battle is a major victory on the state lines that illustrates where future challenges lie. Coming next week the CUA will represent you in testimony regarding proton beam therapy.

If you are not yet a CUA member, I ask, not if, but when, will you decide it is time to join?
Sincerely I Am,
Eugene Rhee, MD, MBA
President, The California Urological Association

Please let us know if you have any feedback about this bulletin. You can email us at or call us at 714-550-9155. Thank you!

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