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In Memoriam, Ronald F. Gilbert, MD

Eugene Rhee, M.D. gives eulogy for Dr. Gilbert at SDSU meeting.

Eugene Rhee, M.D. gives eulogy for Dr. Gilbert

January 30, 2013, San Diego Urological Society Meeting – CUA President Eugene Rhee, M.D. eulogized his long time, close friend Ronald F. Gilbert, M.D. (Newport Beach) who was slain in his practice on Monday, January 28, 2013.  Dr. Gilbert was a young, skilled urologist with a very caring approach to his patients who were fond of him in return, Dr. Rhee said. 

Dr. Rhee mentioned that safety in the doctor’s office and workplace is an important matter that he would involve the CUA and local individual societies to address in the near future.  A moment of silence was observed by the attendees of the San Diego Urological Society in honor of their fellow urologist.