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Threat Awareness Program set for Maui Meeting

The CUA has been pioneering the effort to help its members deal with the issue of workplace violence and threat awareness, prevention, response. The first in a series of courses will be offered this year in conjunction with the Western Section AUA Annual Meeting in Maui.

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Morning Practice Management Courses

Sunday, October 26

Threat Awareness, Safety & Security for you and your Practice

Panel of Speakers:

Sheldon H. F. Marks, M.D.
Tucson Urologist & Security Training Expert
William Schiff, M.D.
Fresno Urologist & Security Training Expert
Eugene Rhee, M.D.,MBA
Immediate Past President- CUA, 2013 AUA Gallagher Health Policy Scholar, Past President-San Diego Urological Society

Course objectives:

Recent acts of targeted violence to urologists in the United States illustrate the importance of threat assessment and threat management. Threat assessment and management have been shown to be effective processes which mitigate risks for these events.

The attendees of this meeting should accomplish the following objectives:

1)               Recognize and classify warning signs, understand common misconceptions about workplace security and violent encounters.

2)               Learn appropriate de-escalation techniques, policies and procedures that meet compliance standards.

3)               Learn ways to prevent and prepare for threats, aggressive patients and/or violence with realistic atypical drills.

4)               Develop compliant response protocols and policies.

5)               Learn cost effective methods for creating a safe workplace  .