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With over 400 members, the CUA is the largest statewide non-profit organization representing practicing urologists and advocating for their patients in California. Working with other organizations like the California Medical Association, the CUA plays a major role in raising the visibility of our grassroots advocacy, to ensure that the urologist voice is heard on important issues impacting patient health care in the state legislature and in Congress.

Why be an Advocate

When we complain about how the health care system has failed, how research dollars are going into the wrong pockets, or how accessibility is lacking in our community, we need to ask ourselves how we can be an agent of betterment. It may seem naive but big movements are often sparked by a few passionate people. Becoming a patient advocate means having the courage to take action and do something to help yourself and others. Taking action, whether we do it alone, with others in our community, or with our support group, is the start of every journey that ended with a positive outcome. We hope this information can serve as a guide and resource to help save you time and be a more effective advocate for patients. If you have suggestions, please let us know. Thank you.

Patient Advocacy Sites:

Communicating with Lawmakers

Legislative Research

Official Budget Websites


Legislative Information
Library of Congress
White House
House of Representatives

Understanding MICRA: Facts and Basics

CMA Legislative Hot List Updates

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CMA’s Legislative Hot List provides a summary and current status of CMA-sponsored bills, as well as the progress of other significant legislation followed by CMA’s Center for Government Relations. The hot list represents only a small sampling of the hundreds bills CMA is following this year. For the current status or more information on a specific bill, please contact the appropriate lobbyist identified at the end of each bill summary by e-mail or by calling CMA’s Center for Government Relations at 916/444-5532.
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