Threat Management Course Launched


DMI Assaultive Patients Management Course on February 25

The CUA is collaborating with Direct Measures International, an Irvine, Ca based security consulting firm, to help educate its members on how to deal with adverse patient encounters and formulate plans and  policies for office staff.

The Assaultive Patients Management Course Teaches Effective Prevention & Response.
You will learn the following protective measures and survival skills:
• How to recognize and report pre-attack indicators
• How to improve security and safety at your workplace
• How to manage aggressive patients and de-escalate conflict effectively
• How to barricade when escape is impossible
• How to fight for survival and stop the shooter
• How to implement policies and procedures to meet compliant standards


Assaultive Patients Management Course
When:Wednesday, February 25 th , 2015
Where: DMI Training Academy, Irvine, CA
Cost: $295 per doctor • $120 per staff

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Presenter / Instructor
Alon Stivi is the CEO of Direct
Measures International and a
leading authority on security,
counterterrorism, travel safety,
personal protection, and
violence management. He is a
certified law enforcement trainer
who emigrated from Israel after
serving in an elite unit of the Israel Defense Forces. He
taught close combat tactics to the US Navy SEAL
Instructors and has protected Fortune 500 executives
and dignitaries worldwide. He serves with the Los
Angeles Sheriff’s Department as a Terrorism Liaison
Officer and teaches Active Shooter Survival and
Terrorism Responder courses funded by the
Department of Homeland Security. He has been
featured on film, network television, radio, and in national publications.

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