Membership Benefits

Dues: $150/year for urologists, $100/yr for non-physician providers

CUA members receive the following valuable benefits:

  • Assistance with coding and billing problems via “CUA Hotline”
  • Listing in the searchable CUA website membership directory
  • All issues of the CUA Report Newsletter
  • CUA Weekly Updates via email
  • Special alerts and “watchdog” bulletins to keep you informed of urgent matters to you and your practice
  • Access to hotline assistance service to help you with billing or reimbursement difficulties – CUA pursues payment for inadequate Medicare reimbursements, and provides assistance on charges, payments, coding and policy issues.
  • CME approved “X-Ray & Radiology Course for Urologists” program  – free course to earn state required CEU for renewing permits and certificates in radiographic safety and technology
  • Provide free annual Health Policy Forum at the Western Section AUA meetings
  • Provide free annual Workshops on coding, compliance, EMR, practice management
  • Co-publishes Biennial Health Policy Survey documentation and information
  • On a state level, CUA acts as a back-up advocate for urologists subject to unfair peer review by the Medical Board.
  • Maintains a working relationship with the CMS and Medicare regional medical directors.
  • Representation at AACU/ UROPAC
  • Representation at all levels of CMA
  • Representation at the AUA Health Policy Committee
  • Representation at Joint Advocacy Conference in Capitol Hill
  • Representation at various governmental agencies
  • Grassroots Lobbying for your practice via Patient Advocacy Initiative, CMA and personal efforts of members
  • Early warning detection and fighting against adverse regulations before they take effect
  • Savings with endorsed business partners
  • “California Urology Alliance” – a new program designed to integrate community/county medical societies under the CUA umbrella
  • Leadership opportunities
  • CUA Young Leadership Circle (sponsoring junior level Health Policy advocates to attend the AACU “Joint Advocacy Conference”  in Washington, DC)
  • Membership Certificate