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The CUA wishes to share a recent Telehealth Alert from Mark Painter at PRS as well as other resources that may be helpful to you and your practice during this crisis.


​TeleHealth/TeleMedicine Update 3-17-20​
by Mark Painter

New Day New Rules

Telehealth Changes with COVID–19 – Published March 14, 2020

TeleHealth Update for COVID 19 – Published March 16, 2020

As many of you now know CMS has relaxed the requirements for the provision of TeleHealth and TeleMedicine services. CMS has taken this one step further and has relaxed HIPAA requirements relative to the use of technology to provide these services. Here a few important facts. For Purposes of this Update, I am going to break the update into sections:
Medicare Telemedicine, Medicare Telehealth and Private Payers.
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