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CUA acts as a "watch-dog" vigilantly watching out against attacks on our our freedom to practice and fighting burdensome regulations.

CUA has teamed up with Zero Prostate Cancer to support prostate cancer awareness and patient care.

November is Urological Health Month

Use our poster to convey a positive message of appreciation for Urologists and staff during the month of November.

The Power of U

Volunteer driven and led, the CUA works actively on behalf of its Members!


December 2011 CUA Report

December 19, 2011

Download to read this issue now! December 2011 issue of the CUA Report View the report Click link to…

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Weigh-In on Cancer Screening Recommendation

December 1, 2011

1 PSA Testing Saves Lives – Oppose USPSTF Recommendation (Pre-Written Letter to Elected Officials) Click link to view article

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Special Bulletin: Avoid Medicare Claim Denials

July 26, 2011

1 By Arthur Lurvey, MD, Medicare Contractor Medical Director, Palmetto GBA Jurisdiction 1 Click link to view article

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CUA's Letter to Congress

July 7, 2011

1 CUA signs on letter to Congress urging repeal of the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB Click link to…

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Special Bulletin: J1 Part B Claims Reprocessing

May 20, 2011

1 Questions and Answers for Providers by Jeffrey Kaufman, MD, FACS CUA Representative, Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee. Click link…

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Special Bulletin: Updates from California's Medicare Carrier

April 25, 2011

1 Six Updates & Tips You Need to Know From California’s Medicare Carrier Palmetto GBA Click link to view…

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Frontlines Briefing

April 15, 2011

1 CUA 4.5 Frontline Briefing: Here is what you missed Click link to view article

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January 2011 CUA Report

January 20, 2011

Download to read this issue now! January 2011 issue of the “CUA Report” Click link to view article

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Health Policy Committee Report

December 14, 2010

1 Health Policy Committee Report (do not miss this!!) Click link to view article

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Health Policy Survey

December 10, 2010

1 Health Policy Survey – 2010 (Lots of good comments!!) Click link to view article

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"More Physicians Pursuing Job Opportunities in Telemedicine"

We will be covering this at the WSAUA meeting in Monterey.

@sstinch @AmerUrological @EugeUrology Thanks to Eugene, Errol and Stephanie for paving the way for the future of telemedicine and urology!

SB201 fails to acknowledge overwhelming patient satisfaction with early surgical intervention related to variations of physical sex characteristics. @SenBobArchuleta @L2ChangCA @BillDoddCA @SenatorGalgiani @Steve_Glazer @SenatorLeyva @DrPanMD @ScottWilkCA Say No to #SB201

Action Alert on SB 201 (Intersex) - On Monday, April 1 - CUA President, Dr. Peter Bretan, will be testifying to the Senate opposing SB201 as President of the CUA and Pres-elect of the CMA. Please help! take action now

AUA names Dr. Eugene Rhee as new Chair of AUA Public Policy Council.
Congratulations to past CUA president, Eugene Rhee, MD, MBA, @EugeUrology for this appointment. He has been involved with health policy in CUA & WSAUA for many years and we wish him great success!

Drug discounts should be benefiting beneficiaries— not drug industry middlemen. We commend @SecAzar and the Trump Administration for working to make sure beneficiaries living with chronic conditions actually see these discounts.

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