Preserving the Practice of Urology in California Since 1986

PSA Screening Legislation in CA

CUA launched the effort for PSA Screening Legislation in 2017 resulting in AB 1520 - a bill that will save lives and help lessen healthcare disparities

Responsive to Members

CUA acts as a "watch-dog" vigilantly watching out against attacks on our our freedom to practice and fighting burdensome regulations.

CUA has teamed up with Zero Prostate Cancer to support prostate cancer awareness and patient care.

November is Urological Health Month

Use our poster to convey a positive message of appreciation for Urologists and staff during the month of November.

The Power of U

Volunteer driven and led, the CUA works actively on behalf of its Members!


NEW enrollment in Medicare or RE-ENROLLMENT Toolkit

April 28, 2009

1 April, 2009 Release Click link to view article

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Action Alert

April 23, 2009

1 Bills Eroding Corporate Bar Pass Key Committee Click link to view article

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SGR update, patch

December 5, 0001

1   April 2, 2014 – President Obama signed HR 4302 into law April 1. The new law authorizes the seventeenth temporary patch for…

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Sacramento Blog Morning Report on Vito Imbasciani

December 5, 0001

1 Sacramento Blog Morning Report said this morning: SD26 (Coast Los Angeles): The entrance of Vito Imbasciani into the race…

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CUA Annual Meeting 2022
@ WSAUA Meeting, Hyatt Kauai, October 30, 2022

  • All urologists & health pros invited
  • Date & Time tbd

CMA 48th Annual Legislative Advocacy Day – Tuesday, April 19, 2022 in Sacramento
click here for info

#PeertoPeer review and approval of #steptherapy and #priorauthorization is crucial for the health of patients! #AB1880 #CALeg

Scores of urologists planning legislative meetings in Congress today on behalf of practices across the nation... "Don't raise your voice, improve your argument".. Desmond Tutu #auasummit22 @AmeriUrological


When programs like the #340B drug discount program do not function as intended or are abused, CA’s underserved and vulnerable patient communities can bear a disproportionate burden.

A quick cameo as the California delegation discusses #telehealth expansion before their #AUASummit22 congressional meetings. @auawest @Calurology

The #340B drug program is now the country's second largest federal prescription drug program, behind only #Medicare Part D. Despite the size of the program, there is little transparency to ensure that the CA patients who need it are benefiting.

With overwhelming, bipartisan support #AB347 passed the California Legislature and now @CAGovernor has signed #steptherapyreform into #CA law!

Great news for patients in #CA as #AB347 to reform #steptherapy insurance protocols is now law! TY @DrArambulaAD31 for your leadership and @CAGovernor for your signature!

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month – Clinical Webinar on “Treatment of Prostate Cancer from the Oncologist and Urologist Perspective” - Dr. John Lam on panel
September 22 @ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm - register free

#AB347 puts prescribing back in the hands of doctors and their patients without inappropriate interference from insurers. Please support #steptherapyreform in #California! @drarambulaAD31 @SenToniAtkins @ScottWilkCA

According to a recent study, Under H. R. 3, only 2 of the 16 medicines produced in California from venture partnerships would have come to market, an 88% reduction. Californians need access to lifesaving treatments and cure thanks @RepCardenas for putting patients first.

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